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what is a "fibershed"?  
it's not just a yarn shop.

"Fibershed" is the local community of farmers, animals, producers and artists who contribute to the slow textile movement the way that rivers, lakes, topography and human activity are all parts of the local watershed.  

Northern Michigan is home to farmers tending their herds, flocks and dye plants.  Our local processing mills clean, card and spin fibers. Weavers, hand-spinners, local dyers, crocheters, and knitters turn yarns into works of functional, wearable and enjoyable art. 


Every part contributes to our Fibershed.

Every thread connects us to something bigger than ourselves. 

Traditional knowledge is passed on from artist to artist, farmer to farmer.

The world of wool and natural fibers is expanding as old ways of crafting are converging with modern textile design, slow fashion, and a very real need to turn our attention back to the land and our natural environment.


Fibershed yarn and fiber arts is a place for Michigan-grown wool and yarns, breed-specific wool and yarns, ethically-grown and dyed yarns, knitting, weaving, crochet supplies, books, tools and authentic products from our local community of artisans.

Want to learn more?


Come visit the store, or check our schedule for upcoming events!

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