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8/2 Tencel on tube

  • from Maurice Brassard
  • 100% tencel
  • 8 oz tube / 1680 yards per tube
  • 3360 yards per pound
  • sett: 18-24 epi
  • 2-ply
  • hand wash; dry flat

Tencel is a type of rayon, so it has great drape, sheen, and moisture absorbency. The colors can be intense or delicate and the smooth surface shows off intricate woven patterns. This yarn is the same weight as 8/2 cotton, so you can substitute it for any project calling for 8/2 cotton. This is one of our favorite yarns for scarves and shawls. It doesn't hold heat like wool or get clammy like synthetics, so it makes terrific spring and summer accessories.  


Maurice Brassard 8/2 Tencel

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